EYES EVERYWHERE just stepped off the boat from enthralling our guests on the summer finale of GLC’s DEEP DOWN UNDER, and agreed to answer a few questions for all of us about life in the industry. 

Find out what keeps this dynamic duo going strong after almost a decade behind the decks.

“We, Brian and Kyle, were birthed at a Buffalo Bills tailgate party and have since been questing to find our real father, Odin. 

If you have any advice or information on his whereabouts, please contact them and you will be handsomely rewarded with the Gjallarhorn of Mimir, an artifact horn with which we produce all of our jacking techno-house.” 

Tell us about something you’re excited about…

“We are really excited to write an album.”

“We have always been super into longer form cohesive pieces of music, so it’s going to be an awesome challenge.”

How long have you been producing for?

“Going on a decade now give or take a year.” 

What Digital Audio Workshop (DAW) do you prefer?

“Ableton almost completely.”

“Been with it for almost a decade, and it just keeps evolving which is amazing.”

What are some of your favorite plug- ins?

“SERUM is fucking incredible.”

“The Xfer team and Steve Duda are top notch.”

“Also really love anything FAB FILTER puts out. 

Who taught you how to use the software?

“Just mucking about and YouTube honestly.”

What was one action you took that helped you stand out and become a internationally supported artist?

“Honestly, I just believe it’s hard work, and the luck will follow.”

“As far as us getting out of our city, it was just us getting tracks to the right people.”

“We signed a track with Worthy;”

“…he played it at ULTRA [Music Festival, Miami], and Destructo heard it.”

“I feel like that was really the turning point…”

“After that, we just formed relationships that have kept us going and we keep putting out tunes.” 

How did you celebrate your first Label signing?

“Hard to remember, but I’m pretty sure we were in a car on the way home from Movement and freaked out.”

“Pretty sure we got real drunk on Labatt Blue.” 

What is something you learned at a young age that you have lived by during your career?

“Music is fun. Try to keep it that way.”

What’s the craziest thing you’ve experienced while DJing?

“Old parties at the Soundlab here in Buffalo, NY were just a ratchet experience every single time.”

“I would say those as a collective experience were the wildest times.”

“Complete debauchery with half the crowd on stage.”

Do you prefer to spin at a Club, Rooftop, Rave, or Festival?  

“Intimate packed out room with like 100 cap, no question!” 

Tell us about your GLC experience on DEEP DOWN UNDER…

“Had an amazing time.”

“Awesome party, awesome people.”

What do you think GLC represents?

“Good people having a good time coming together around quality music.”

Who is someone that was absolutely essential to your success?

“Tough one, because there are so many.”

The Communist Party from Buffalo got us started.”

Worthy, Destructo, and Golf Clap have all propelled us in different ways.”

“Day-to-day, we would be lost without our manager Mike.”

What is your ultimate career goal?

“Just make music we like.”

“At this point for us, we are old family men.”

“It’s about putting dope music out that still speaks to us as we get old.”

What was your favorite show/city you have played so far?

“San Diego , Seattle, and Chicago are some favorites.”

“Detroit too.”


What makes Chicago’s fan base unique?

“Chicago has roots to the music that no other place except Detroit really does.”

“It immediately elevates the ear of the average listener and creates a consciousness around the music.”

What will bring you back to Chicago?

“Anything. Top 5 city in North America. We’ll be back!” 

Where would you love to play if you had the chance to play anywhere?


“We got to play in Europe, so that one’s off the bucket list.”

“We both love Miami, so maybe the main room at Space?”

“Ibiza seems too obvious.”

“Virtually anywhere in London.”

Where is your favorite place to go, or way to relax and unwind?

“[At] home gaming, or watching a Bills game.”


Where do you see yourself in 3-5 years?

“At a Buffalo Bills tailgate, ‘Dadding’ hard.”


How do you balance work and home life?

“Prioritize home life.”

“Music, work it’s all temporary.”

“Your family is the most precious thing you have.”

“Everything else can wait when it comes to your home.”

What is a quote or saying that you try to live by?

“Medicare for All.”

If you could do anything outside of music, what would you do?

“I think both of us would like to be involved in politics to some degree, whether formally or informally.”

“Brian’s super into computer science, does that outside of music already, and loves it.”

“Honestly, I think both of us would love to be on a podcast as well since we spend much of our free time listening to them.”

Chipotle or Qdoba, ftw?


“That baby sized 1000 calorie burrito is key.”





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