The GLC Team


Good Looks Chicago is a team of Chicago Curators with one common goal: to create, develop, and orchestrate every detail of your upcoming event, providing a full-production experience.

Alex Kislov

Alex Kislov

Alex is the flame that sparked the GLC concept. Launched in 2015, Alex curates the company direction and business relations. From event conception to budgeting and all the way to the small decorative details, he is very hands-on and understanding of his clients needs. In addition to managing his growing artistic brand as an electronic music performer and overseeing a non-profit in Chicago, he has 10 years of varying experience in the entertainment industry. Those who know Alex will say he is fiercely dedicated to putting his heart and soul into each and every project.
Arvi Mala

Arviol Mala

Arvii is the creative balance that establishes the artistic balance and visionary of the company. Utilizing common trends to establish a pop cultural exploration of the companies marketing and business development. Arviol, with the unique nature of the industry GLC operates in, he is often found conducting meetings and operating day to day needs. Being an electronic artist himself, he understands the needs of the client and finds a way to tailor the experience to the consumer. Those know Arviol will tell you that he is a warm-welcoming and bluntly honest fellow with a knack for people.

Lexy Galvis

Visual Artist

Mariah Vazquez

Artist Relations and Blogger

We are hiring!

Seeking music lovers and party-goers

Are you interested in learning about the music industry? Are you social and eager to grow? Do you enjoy going out with friends? Would you like to make an extra income while doing something you love? This may be the job for you!

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