Tell us something that you are excited about… 

“GROWING as an artist and a mentor!”

“This year has been a big learning experience, and I’m excited to be learning so much from working with the label, production skills, and being in a position where I can help other artists grow as well.”

“Giving back is something that feeds my soul.”

How long have you been producing for? 

“Only like a year and half now.”

What genre would you describe yourself as? 

“Honestly, a very tough question to answer!”

“I love so many varieties of music, and I hate to just lump it all under House Music, but I find myself playing that to cater to the venues and events.”

What Digital Audio Workshop(s) (DAW) do you prefer?

“I tend to use both Ableton and FruityLoops.”

“Learning two different DAW systems can be stressful, but unique aspects about each of them that I love.” 

What are some of your favorite plug-ins? 

“I dont have a favorite plug-in.”

“I’m actually trying to not use anything that’s outside of the original software, so that I learn more and develop what’s already there instead of having to rely on an external plug-in.”

“Later I see that changing, but for now I’m really focused on learning the inner working of the digital audio workshops.”

What artists influence do you look up to? 


“I find myself really identifying with him in several ways.”

“He has really blown up recently after shifting his focus from the Underground scene to making it big on the more Commercial side of house music.”

“Being that we are close in age, and seeing what he has been able to accomplish has been inspiring for me.”

What is your proudest moment so far? 

“This year started a new chapter for me being signed to Careless Records, and really moving my music career forward to the masses.”

We see that you’re more than just an artist at Careless Records, care to expand on your roll within the Label?

“Absolutely, I have been helping out in ANY way I can actually!”

“[I want] to learn as much about the music industry as possible behind the scenes.”

“Everyone thinks it is all glamour, but so much goes on behind the scenes to make things happen such as artist relations, marketing, networking events and more to help build a reputable label.” 

Tell us about your roll within Triple Threat, and how you make time for all these ventures you are a part of.

Triple Threat started a couple years ago when I was asked to join BlueMoonMedia by Alfredo Nieves.”

“It is a largely south side DJ coalition and myself, along with a couple other guys from the north side joined them and formed our little sub group of BMM.”

“I took the name, and started building it with a couple of other DJs to expand the group.”

“We were never meant to be a performing group of three DJS, but rather a group of similar minded north side sounding DJs wanting to grow and build something we could all be proud of.”

“We started our own ‘Triple Threat Tuesday’ show on Facebook to help get our names/style out there while also helping other local DJs gain recognition as well.”

“We started throwing parties and teaming up with other groups as well. People really started to look at me as the ring leader making things happen for the group as we grew.”

“Making time for these ventures is no small task.”

“Late hours and sacrificing is what it took, and still takes today to make things happen. But its a grind.”

“Someone else is always doing more than you so you want it, make it happen. No one is going to hand it to you.”

“My wife often tells me I need to take a break…”

“…I just dont know how!”

What’s your favorite part about DJing in Chicago?

“Our market here is saturated, so you really have to work hard to stand out.”

“Hone your craft, and if you can make it here you can make it anywhere!”

“Chicago will make you thick skinned or bury you.” 

What was your favorite show that you’ve played?

“Mexico City has been one of the best cities I’ve played for.”

“The people were absolutely energizing from start to finish, and the place was packed ALL night long!”

“The reception I received after playing was mind boggling.”

“I left the venue that night feeling so energized and motivated.”

Where would you love to play if you had the chance to play anywhere?

“Everywhere and nowhere.”

“It isn’t about the place, it’s about the people!”

“Connecting with those on the dance floor and watching them enjoying themselves is the ONLY place I want to be.”

If you could do something outside of music, what would it be? 


“It’s been a large part of my life being around sports and being a Certified Athletic Trainer by day.”

We also see that you’re married…

any advice on balancing a family life as well as your life in the industry?

“It’s so difficult at times.”

“I’m very focused when I want something, and I do everything I can to make it happen.”

“Sometimes, I have to remind myself that I have committed to sharing my life with another person and they deserve my attention as well.”

“Dunnia has been very understanding of my passion, and has been very good about letting me chase this dream.”

“The one thing that, over the years, I have learned about people in good relationships is that they don’t stifle the growth and dreams of their partner, they encourage it!”

“Quit wasting time in a relationship where someone is trying to change you. It won’t last or be positive.”

“Being ok with sometimes letting go of those feelings of “I want their attention right now” to let that person pursue their art in the moment can be humbling.”

“Great joy can come from watching them do what they love doing, and most importantly, this all stems from communication.”

Chipotle or Qdoba? 


Is there anything you would like to add?

“There are two very very expensive things in life one will have to overcome….Pride and Ego.”

“They are not easy to acknowledge in this life…”



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