Sonya Alvarez is making a name for herself in her hometown of Detroit, MI. Alvarez uses techy house beats spun and cut like hip-hop, ranging from deep house music to dark and heavy after hours techno. She tests the crowd limits and challenges them to be as physically involved as she is. Based out of Detroit, she maintains a residency with Golf Clap’s record label and event brand Country Club Disco. Sonya’s skills are on par to have already shared the stage with some of her idols including Boys Noize, Chris Lake, Pete Tong, Kill Frenzy, AC Slater, Roger Sanchez, Anna Lunoe & Golf Clap. Expect to see Ms. Alvarez playing at some of the most respected and exciting venues, festivals, and clubs world wide.


What genre would you describe yourself as? Why? 

I would definitely describe my style of DJing to be a wide range of house music. I play deep house to tech house to bass house to it all has the same underlying feel.


What artists influence you/do you look up to?

Golf Clap, Shiba San, Anna Lunoe, Destructo, AC Slater.


What was the moment you wanted to take the leap in this lifestyle? (artist/event/set/song/etc..)

Very soon after discovering house music and frequenting a local house club (Grasshopper Underground), making friends with DJs who could teach me the ropes.


What is your proudest moment so far? (blogged/signed/etc..)

Proudest moments have got to be (in no particular order)

Playing Russelll Industrial Center for Country Club Disco Show.

Playing Charivarii with all my family and friends around.

Getting signed to a management company.

Throwing awesome parties in Detroit.


What do you usually start with when preparing for a set?

Dive headfirst into Beatport.


What are currently your main challenges as an artist? 

Understanding how to finish my own original music, but I’m getting very close.


Is there any future events we should know about?

Bass Country, Grand Rapids 2/1

Grasshopper Underground, Ferndale 2/21

TBA, Austin TX 2/23

Bleu, Detroit 2/28


If you had to do something else (outside of music), what would it be? 

Tactical artist (sculpting, painting), Author, Motivational Speaker, Art teacher, Yoga teacher, Personal chef, Personal trainer, Professional stylist.


What’s your favorite Chicago venue to play at? Why?

Really loved Spy Bar! Felt right at home and the crowd and staff were amazing!


What was your favorite show that you’ve played?

Still thinking about:

The time I closed the front room of The Works while Pete Tong and Golf Clap were playing.

The time I went B2B with Chris Lake and Boys Noize at CityClub.

The time I opened for AC Slater as the ball dropped.

The time I got a compliment on my techno set from sound engineer Mike Fotias (Audio Rescue Team) at Grenadier Club.

The time I closed the back room of The Works on my birthday weekend with AC and Justin Martin hanging back chillin.

The time I opened directly for Shiba San.

The time I had a three hour set opening for Justin Jay in Brooklyn.

So so many more..


What’s your favorite thing about Detroit?

Realness, authenticity, raw energy. Detroit is hardcore about music and I love it.


What is something that makes you stand out as an artist?

My commitment to myself and my personal style and energy on stage and off.


What’s your current favorite show (tv/netflix/etc…) worth binging? 

Dracula, Zumbo’s Just Desserts.


What’s your top 3 favorite songs?

Route 94 – My Love

Tchami – Adieu

Shiba San – Okay


If you were stranded on a desert island, what album/record would you have with you?

Sade “Love Deluxe”


What is a quote or phrase that you try to live by? Why?

”The future comes one day at a time. Everyday we wake up in yesterday’s future.” 


What advice do you have for female artists trying to make it in the music industry?

Never give up, don’t limit yourself, don’t leave any room for self doubt, don’t compare yourself to others, just yourself yesterday.


Tell us something that you’re doing now and are excited about.

Turning in my first tracks for mastering!


What should we expect from you in 2020?

Music, big shows. Merchandise. Tons of growth!!


Is there anything else you would like to add?

Thank you so much for featuring me. 🙂


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