SANCES is known  for his bassline driven house mixes and bumpin’ dance floors around Chicagoland.

What genre would you describe yourself as? 

“House music is mainly what I produce because I love the basis you have when you’re making house music.”

“It can go so many different directions, and it’s so much more danceable than any other genre.”

“In my opinion… It’s the best.”

What artists influence you/do you look up to?

“Tchami, Chris Lake, Kyle Watson, Billy Kenny, and many others honestly.”

“I appreciate so many cats that make very solid house music… all pioneers in their own way.”

How long have you been producing for?

“I’ve been seriously producing for about three years, yet have been learning for the past five.”

What DAW (Digital Audio Workshop) do you use?


What are some of your favorite plug-ins?

“I love Izotope Ozone for mastering and mixing. I also love using the stock Ableton plugins. My favorite being OTT, just like everyone else I’m assuming.”

What is your proudest moment so far? 

“Honestly, being free of a regular 9 to 5 job has easily been the biggest accomplishment so far.”

“This has nothing to do with music, but I do what I love and I live.”

“It’s genuinely an amazing feeling.”

What’s the craziest thing that’s happened to you while DJing?

“I once played an entire set in a club without getting one single song request!”

What’s your favorite part about DJing in Chicago?

“I guess the city environment and the ROOFTOPS!”

“Honestly, the Chicago industry is cool, but I have my sights much further than this city.”

“I love this city, do not get me wrong. I want to play all the venues they have to offer, but I would much rather play as an artist in venues in different cities instead of playing clubs in one city my whole life.”

What was your favorite show that you’ve played?

“My buddy and I opened up for Klingande, Drezo, and Oliver Heldens at the Aragon Ballroom after winning a Freaky Deaky contest.”

“It was genuinely a surreal feeling.”

Where would you love to play if you had the chance to play anywhere?

“I would love to spin at the Encore Beach Club in Vegas!”

“I’m honestly not too big on big festival gigs as much as I would love to play them, I much rather have a show in a venue setting with like 3000 to 5000 heads max.” 

“I feel the idea of fans coming to see YOU and only you, is much more satisfying!”

Chipotle or Qdoba?

“What even is a Qdoba?”


What show is your current guilty pleasure?

“Friends. My girlfriend got me hooked entirely to this show, and I feel like a fool for never giving it a shot before!”

If you were stranded on a desert island, what album would you have with you?

“This is extremely difficult because I don’t usually get lost in albums as much as I do individual tracks.”

“I would have to say “Take Care” by Drake.”

“Yes, I think Drake is one of the best artists that’s ever lived!”

“Let’s argue. You have my social medias.” (wink, wink!)

“Thank you if you’re reading this. Thank you!”








Interview and Article by:

Alli Jakubco & Peter Ceko

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