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NICZKA is a Chicago based clothing line looking to help your everyday style be effortless and easy. From edge to fit, Tania Czka has you covered. Every piece she sells is custom made, one of a kind. Her hard work shines and comes to life from the paper to the runway. Make sure to check out her website and order her pre-launch. has some big plans for 2020.

How do you define your lifestyle with your brand? ​

I describe my clothing as “electronic”, and it corresponds with everything from nightlife to high fashion Chicago streetwear.

How long have you been in business? When did you start​

I got my LLC almost exactly a year ago. Since then I have launched three shows, merch, and a manufactured clothing line.

What was the moment you wanted to take the leap in this lifestyle? (outfit/company/artist/event/etc..) 

I always knew this was what I was going to do. I spent years gathering knowledge of garment construction and production, and decided I was ready to invest in myself.

What is your proudest moment so far? (blogged/shows/signed/etc..) 

Easily the Winter Ball I just put on with Good Looks Chicago. 

What are your main challenges as a designer?

How to market yourself, how to stay true to yourself, and to keep your head up.

Who are your influencers? Did they help you find your styles and looks?

Chicago is my influencer. I respect a lot of Italian designers. My looks come from music.  

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Who do you design for or want to design for? (In terms of who is she aiming to wear her stuff) 

Nightlife is huge in the clothing I make. My goal is to have different artist and producers purchasing mini collections that I personally made for them, for them to sell to their fans. 

Why should we buy NICZKA?  

NICZKA supports Chicago. Patterns, fabric, manufacturing, and design is all done here. I support local artists, vice versa to make this line.

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You just had a fashion show at our recent event, The Chicago Winter Ball. How did the runway go? What was your favorite part about the charity event? 

Runway was amazing. We had a full team of models, hair stylists, make-up artists, and event staff that helped me make the show pretty flawless. My favorite part of the show was the feeling of watching people dance, drink, and genuinely enjoy the event.

Are there any future events we should know about? 

Well I hear there might be a Sunset Ball in the works.

If you had to do something else (outside of fashion), what would it be? 

No idea. This is the only thing I can do.

What’s your favorite Chicago venue you’ve attended or had a show at? Why? 

SX Sky Bar! I have done other club venues but SX was cooperative, easy, and a beautiful venue.

What’s your favorite restaurant in Chicago? 


What’s your favorite thing about this city? 

People, architecture, culture.

What is something that makes you stand out as an artist? 


What’s your current favorite show (tv/netflix/etc…) worth binging? 

Book – Lullaby by Chuck Palaniuk

What is a quote or phrase that you try to live by? Why? 

My tattoos on my hands say “She is happy, she has a strong will, she will set fire” in Ukrainian. Sometimes you have to remind yourself that it wasn’t your last try.

What advice do you have for upcoming designers trying to make it in the industry? 

Try again.

Tell us something that you’re doing now and are excited about.  

Designing a new spring/summer collection, and launching my website with merch. 

What should we expect from you in 2020? 

More clothes, better buying options

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