Max is quickly rising through the ranks of Chicago’s up-and-coming House DJ’s. He can regularly be found behind the decks in Lincoln Park or River North, reminding us all that age is just a number!

What’s it like balancing school and a music career?

“It’s great, to be honest!”

“I have the best of both worlds with having education in finance and also being able to DJ on the weekends.”

“If things don’t work out as an artist, I can always be on the business side of things in the music industry.”



How do you describe your music style?

“I would describe myself as Deep House, with a touch of Tech House as well.”

“My roots come from house music itself, so I decided to follow that path because of the passion I have for it.”

Tell us about something we can watch for…

“I am excited about a new song I am releasing. Most of my music has been Deep House based, and this new one is Tech House so it’s gunna be cool to expand my musical taste.”

Check out Max’s latest music video of his original track, “Turn To It”.

How long have you been producing for?

“About two and a half years.”

Where do you draw inspiration from?

“My biggest influences have to be Marc Kinchen aka MK and Duke Dumont.”

“I am huge on piano chords and vocal loops, and they both incorporate these things in their music. Not to mention ’17’ is my favorite song.”

What are some of your favorite plug-ins?

Sausage Fattener (Oh yeah, Baby!)” 

MJUC Compressor

Korg M1 (my favorite plug in for pianos and organs)”

What is your Digital Audio Workshop (DAW) preference?

FL Studio” (Formerly known as FruityLoops)

What’s the craziest thing to happen to you while spinning?

“I was DJing at a club in Chicago, and I had some people behind me hanging out..

…This girl was really drunk and decided it would be a good idea to start scratching the CDJ that was playing at the time; it sounded horrible!”

“It still makes me cringe to this day…”

What is your proudest moment so far?

“My proudest moment would have to be sending Alex Ross music and getting a response back!”

“He is one of my favorite artists, so being able to see that he liked one of my tracks really helped me realize that things were looking up for my music career.”

If you were stranded on a deserted island, what mix or album would you bring?

Foster the People – Torches, one of my favorite albums.”

What hobbies outside of music do you have?

“I used to skateboard all the time! I still do when I have a chance. I have a huge passion for it.”

Chiptole or Qdoba?

“CHIPOTLE! I’ve never had Qdoba, so Chipotle for the win.”

What shows do you binge when nobody’s watching?

Friends and Narcos;

“…two different world’s but they are both great.”

What are your plans after college?

“I hope that in a year or so my music career will be enough for me to fully engage in it rather than having to work an actual “job.”

“That being said, if this isn’t the case, then I will be working a corporate finance job for BMO Harris Bank.”

“(I have the job offer already!)”


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Interview and Article by:

Alli Jakubco and Peter Ceko

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