Los Angeles’ very own Franklyn Watts hits our radar this week. Abelton found him and the rest was history. He always knew this was the type of art he wanted to get his hands on. You might have known him as Noise Frenzy back in the day. With his new persona, Franklyn has stretched his love for House and Techno with releases on Repopulate Mars, Dirtybird Records, This Ain’t Bristol, Strangelove, Box Of Cats. Along with other styles of music he enjoys spinning, his sound is always evolving. Playing all over the country for well known venues and events such as Dirtybird Campout, Electric Zoo, SnowGlobe, Space Yacht along with legendary artists, the list goes on. It’s clear that Franklyn has a vision of making his art known and he’s not stopping. Give him a follow and make sure to check out his upcoming music he’s got planned for this year and his monthly hour radio show called “WATTS GOOD” on Soundcloud.


What genre would you describe yourself as? Why?

I’m definitely known as a House artist, but my sound continues to change and evolve, and incorporates elements of Tech House, House, Techno and other styles. In my spare time, I also enjoy making hip hop, reggaeton and R&B. 


How would you describe yourself and your background?

I’ve always been on the quiet side, but at the same time I get along pretty easily with everyone. I love a good hang with family and friends, whether it’s a brewery, festival (hopefully soon!), or backyard bbq. We make good tunes, good times and pupusas a priority! Both of my parents are from El Salvador, so I grew up with Spanish as my first language and listening to Latin music from a young age. I have to thank them for that, it was a huge influence in my musical journey.


What was the moment you wanted to take the leap in this lifestyle? (artist/event/set/song/etc..)

Around 2010 I was studying graphic arts in college, and a friend of mine installed Ableton on my Macbook. I had never used music production software before, and I was hooked. From that day forward there was no turning back. I still wanted to be an artist, but a completely different kind.


When you first started DJing, who were (or still are) your biggest inspirations?

I’ve always been inspired by Carl Cox, Jamie Jones and Claude VonStroke, but I fell in love with the art of DJing after seeing DJ AM play live at Electric Daisy Carnival in 2009. (When it was still in Los Angeles!)


What do you usually start with when preparing for a set?  

If I have any new tracks to test out I usually like to finish those up to play but it always varies. Sometimes I compile playlists of tracks for each gig, sometimes I just go through my collection in the flash drives and go by vibe, which is definitely more fun. Other times, I can pick my first couple intro tracks but they’re always subject to change according to what the show’s vibe is, so it’s always up in the air. 


What are currently your main challenges as a DJ?

Not having a DJ set up at home to practice. Usually the only time I touch the decks are at gigs.


Tell us about your studio set up.

I have an old modified 2012 Macbook Pro with Ableton 9, still works like a charm. For studio gear I use Native Instruments Maschine MKI, the Toraiz Squid midi sequencer, a 25 key midi controller, a Roland MC-303 and a Roland M-DC1 sound module. I just recently added these new toys so it’s been fun to experiment with new sounds. For speakers/monitors I have the Focal Alpha 65’s. 🙂


You recently just played Only The Beat’s Arrival event at Spybar. Tell us about that night and your thoughts on Chicago’s music industry. 

Although it was a rough week shutting down shows due to the virus pandemic, I had a really good time with everyone that came out. I found myself out and interacting with everyone and enjoying the city so it was for sure good times. I’m heavily influenced by the early House sounds of Chicago so it was an honor being out there to play. Shouts out to Justin and the OTB team for showing me and my girlfriend a good time. 🙂 We’ll be back for sure!


What is your proudest moment so far? (blogged/label/shows/etc..)

My proudest moment so far was getting to join Chris Lake on some of the dates of his ‘Lose My Mind’ tour. Another huge moment was winning Insomniac’s Discovery Project when I produced under the Noise Frenzy name. 


Is there any upcoming news we should know about?

Definitely some new releases coming out soon, there are a few locked in and a few in the works!


What do you consider your masterpiece?

 I don’t think it exists yet tbh. However I think I make a good Michelada.


What are your top three tracks right now? Why?

In the House world,

Louie Vega, The Martinez Brothers, Marc E. Bassy – Let It Go (TMBLV Dub)

2 other songs in heavy rotation are,

Hablot Brown & Tim Atlas – Color World 

Jhay Cortez, J Balvin, Bad Bunny – No Me Conoce Remix

They all just have fire vibes


If you could eternally be stuck in one year’s music scene, which year would it be?

1967 The Summer of Love


If you had to do something else (outside of music), what would it be?

I would 100% be a beer brewer! Anything having to do with craft beer, cocktails, or mixology in general fascinates me. 


What’s your favorite venue to play at? Why?

Day Trip at Academy LA is always POPPIN’. Outdoor patio set up in the summer, yeah, vibes. Also really love Shady Park in Tempe, AZ. Similar with the outdoor patio set up and knocking system. 


What’s your favorite city to explore while you’re on tour?

San Francisco & Seattle I’ve enjoyed a couple times. After this recent Chicago trip I’d say it’s up there now! White Claws in a cooler at Paradise Park was tite. 


What was your favorite show that you’ve played (past/recent)?

It would have to be between my last show at Halcyon San Francisco or the Silent Disco at Nocturnal Wonderland. Both super hype crowds.


Is there anything else you would like to add?

Would like to say thank you GLC for reaching out and having me be a part of this! Also we’re all going through these bizarre times, I feel there’s a sense of unity with everyone to get through this together so stay connected with your loved ones and keep pushing forward. Hope to be back to normal sooner than later!

Also would like to share my monthly radio show WATTS GOOD! Available to stream on various platforms here: https://linktr.ee/wattsgood

Much love!


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