“2 Boyz from Chicago just trying to get everyone ELEVATD.”

Dennis Castelan and Chris Clingingsmith pair up as the dynamic duo ELEVATD, who came together to share their music with the world. You can find their tracks in playlists varying from insane nasty Dubstep to disgusting Trap and everything in between.

These two you are going to want to keep an eye on!

Tell us about some of your accomplishments, such as Label affiliations that brought you out of your hometown?

“Well, playing main stage at Spring Awakening was definitely one of them!”

 “Some labels we have recently released on are Aural Sex, MMXVAC, & BASSCVLT

 How long have you been producing for? 

Chris: “I’ve been producing for three years.”

Dennis: “I’ve been producing for two.” 

 What Digital Audio Workshop (DAW) do you prefer?

 “Ableton all the way.”

 What is your proudest moment so far? 

“Recently getting to close out The Mid right after RL Grime.”

“That was a huge honor!”

 What are some of your favorite plug- ins? 

Serum is one we use a lot.”

“Also, Massive.” 

 What is the most valuable lesson you’ve learned from being an artist? 

“Don’t worry about others…”

“Just keep focused, and keep working on your music!”

 How do you feel about the future of the music business? 

Dennis: “Well this is a interesting topic…”

“Always really hard to say because we don’t know where it’s going to go!”

“As long as we can release our music and play it live, we are going to keep up with it!”

Chris: “What Dennis said.”

 Tell us about one person you met because of your career that left a great impression on you. 

“Man, we’ve met so many dope people because of music; it’s hard to pick one!”

“I would say our Manager Sam Boucher.”

“That man has been behind us and this project since day one. You don’t find people like him often. Love you Dad!”

 Did you leave a career behind for music or are you able to work on the road? 

“We both work non stop to be able to do music.”

“It’s a constant grind that never stops.”

Are you traveling to gigs by car or plane? With how many others? 

“Well, however it’s easiest to get there.”

“Usually one of us drives, and we bring the squad along, of course.”

“We usually have our manger Sam with us, and for photo/video we try to have either our boyz Bernardino Echeverria (@Bechasketch) or Tanner Heitz (@TannerHeitzPhoto).”

“We work with tons of other very talent guys, so it all depends on everyone’s schedule.”

 What’s the best mix for traveling? 

“Staying ELEVATD, duh!”  

“Eat a good meal the night before, and get a good night sleep as well.”

What is your favorite snack or type of food to have before a big show? 

Chris & Dennis: “Tacos”

 Do you play any other instruments?

Was this a family or hobby influence? 

“Chris can play a few instruments like the guitar and piano very well, and also has a great voice.”

“Dennis picked this up as a hobby before really taking it seriously.”

 Where has been your favorite city to play for so far? 

“This is a tough one…”

Dennis: “Kansas City, MO a few weeks back was wild AF!” 

Chris: “Back in January we played the Skyway Theatre in Minneapolis with ATLiens & Jameson Thieves, and that one was my favorites!”

 Are there artists you hope to collab with? 

Dennis: “I’d like to collab with YehMe2 one day or Flume.” 

Chris: “I’d say Herobust or RL Grime.”

 Chipotle or Qdoba, ftw? 

Both: “Chipotle”

Anything else you’d like to say?!

“Thank you guys for interviewing us!”

“Stay tuned, we got tons on new music coming very soon maybe even an EP! ;)”













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