Lucas Pearson, known as Doc Pearson, is also much more than Doc Pearson. He manages artists, runs The GoodSpace, The GoodBus, and has vast education and experience in varying fields. He has been a mentor to many and continues to produce high quality events across the city. He graduated from the Illinois Institute of Art with a degree in Photography and Design (he still runs Lucas Pearson Photography), as well as graduating from SAIC with a degree in Interior Architecture and Design. His design-based thinking is what helps him achieve such massive projects that many times run simultaneously. he currently manages a team of at any one time 15 people, (many with people working underneath them as well). Lucas’s goal is to always plateau at perfection.

What genre would you describe yourself as? Why? 

As for my fine art, I believe in Minimalism. According to the great minimalist, modern designer and architect Mies van der Rohe, Less is more. I believe you should pose the viewer questions, not give them answers. I love sculpture and installation as it is able to provide you with a physical experience that in principal is simple, but leads to very complex emotions. 

For my music, lately I have been getting into a lot of live instrumentation mixed with techno and house Music. Ive had a blast playing with TomCat trumpet and I look forward to making much more music together. Our combination of techno sensibility with Jazz improvisation makes a combo that is (IMO) something new, exciting, and sounds earth shatteringly good. I have also been working with Brandon Werlin who is an amazing classically trained drummer. As for now the music has only been performed live, but I look forward to creating some tracks in the studio soon.

Tell us something that you’re doing now and are excited about.

The GoodTeam and I are about 3 months in on the build out of The GoodSpace. The Space will celebrate light, sound, movement, and knowledge. It is part artist fabrication and studio space, part venue, and part music studio (including a large collections of interesting synths). We will be renting this space out to those in our community: event producers, artists, musicians, ect. ect. 

We will also be hosting many health and wellness classes. As i type this Im at on a wellness retreat in the foothills of the Santa Catalina Mountains unwinding, writing music, and learning from a host of world class health and wellness practitioners. 

What artists influence you/do you look up to? 

Without a doubt, the artist that inspires me most in James Turell. His medium is Light and Space. This usually takes the form of an architectural structure, which means in order to see one of his pieces a person must go on a sort of pilgrimage. He is as much of a scientist, as he is an architect, as he is artist. That’s the powerful balance i seek to achieve everyday of my life through my practice. 

If we are talking about musical influences, my answer would most certainly be James Blake. I love his combination of experimental drums (polyrhythms) and vintage southern gospel, mixed with his amazing piano and synth skills, and then top it all off with some live looping?! Amazing. Simply amazing. That being said, I have no real ambitions to be a touring musician at this time. I will be focusing on doing my performances at the GoodSpace. Maybe we’ll start a record label..   

What is your proudest moment so far? (blogged/signed/etc..)

Honestly that’s terribly hard for me to answer. Every day we grow and learn so much, to pick a favorite would lessen the importance of the failures.  Im proud of myself and my team everyday. Joes Domingo (Half of GoodSex) has acted as a constant source of inspiration and drive for me and has sincerely changed my life forever. Rocket built the GoodBus and is working on building the GoodSpace – Not bad for an 18 year old. Mary Kuba keeps us all together. Such an amazing team, and none of it is possible without any of them.

What DAW do you use? 

I don’t. My team uses Ableton though for any of our music production needs. If i need to make edits Ill use Traktor and record myself doing it live. with a few saved loops and cue points, paired with a 4 channel mixer, I can do anything I need to do to prep for my sets. I am working on a new concept techno record with Joey (Synergyzt), Zenas White, and  Colin Tyler (Half of GoodSex). I play one of the many many analog hardware synths in my collection (Matrix Brute, DeepMind 12, and hopefully soon the Korg Minilogue XD), maybe track some drums on the DFAM or the 808, model a kick drum on the Volca Kick, and then I work with my producers to take those elements and create songs from them.

I like working in a collaborative environment, but i also like being the creative director. This workflow has allowed me to do that. They all have their own specialties, so we are all working together to achieve a common goal. 

What are some of your favorite plug-ins? 

Exhale is amazing. It’s a voice synth. With lots of different samples and presets and plenty of modifiers build right in. We will be running a midi trumpet through that before you know it. Also, I have a still secret project coming out soon where you will be able to control ableton with your brain.. Vince Naples (DrmBt) is helping me achieve this goal. We will also have control over visuals for projection mapping. The first iteration of this project will be featured in LA as a Virtual Reality experience at Autograf’s new pop up shop. It will likely run for a month and then come back to Chicago. 

What is something you cannot leave home without (besides keys, phone, wallet)?

I wear a British Police whistle as well as a siren whistle (think looney-tunes) around my neck (or minimally its in my bag). I also usually carry an assortment things i can puff on throughout the day (depending on the time and place). and my ear pods are pretty much a necessity at this point. I spend a great deal of my day staying on top of my team which requires phone calls. Lots and lots of phone calls. 

Long days and nights in entertainment can take quite a toll on your body.  How do you stay healthy?

Self care is very very important. I keep myself healthy and happy by taking as much time to myself as I can afford. Minimally I try to schedule my Sundays to be as cellphone free as possible. Ive also been working on saying no to as much as possible. This has helped tremendously.  As I mentioned before Im currently in Arizona on a wellness retreat. I try and go 1-2 times a year. I hope to bring back as many of these concepts and classes as possible to the GoodSpace so we can live healthy all year round. 

There aren’t a lot of alcohol free options for people to choose from that happen at night. The GoodSpace aims to change that.  

What’s the craziest thing that’s happened to you while DJing?

Recently I helped set up a little loft party for my friends birthday. I was djing while we finished prep, and the first person to walk through the door for the party was Lee Burridge. After I finished djing we ate wontons on the sofa and chatted Burning Man and our favorite parties around the globe. 

If you were stranded on a desert island, what album would you have with you?

Bob Marley – Babylon by Bus (Live) 


Selected Mix: Live Synth (Matrixbrute)

Selected Track: Raindrops by Doc Pearson

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