COFRESI pushes the boundaries of modern performance and production with a hybrid style and a refreshingly versatile live dj/digital-acoustic drum setup. He creates a unique sound that is provocative, melodic & rhythmic at it’s core. Live, his sets are full of energy as he showcases a unique ability to incorporate multidimensional digital and acoustic percussion into modern electronic music. 

What genre would you describe yourself as? Why? 

I would describe my music within the genres of Futurebass, Dance & Organic Electronic. 
Futurebass is a hybrid genre itself including aspects of electronic, melodic, ambient, hiphop/r&b, soul, dance and worldly sound. As for Organic Electronic, I use many organic sounds and layers mixed in with digital sounds and tonalities. Mainly with percussion but I also do this with vocal and melodic elements. It’s kinda impossible to call it one genre, but at least these make some sense out of my eclectic sound.

Tell us something that you’re doing now and are excited about.

I just dropped my new CODA EP on Gravitas Records and we’re in the midst of promotion and creating additional media to support the project. It’s been getting a great response thus far and I’m excited to film a couple performance videos of the tracks. My fanbase really digs the whole performance aspect and these songs are really dope to perform on my setup. I’m also finishing up some special remixes and will be making performance vids for them as well. 

What artists influence you/do you look up to? 

Quix, Mr. Carmack, Boombox Cartel,1788-L, The Code, Ekali, Flume, Sam G, What So Not, G Jones, Zeds Dead, Seven Lions older stuff & many more.

What is your proudest moment so far? (blogged/signed/etc..)

It’s a tie between playing 2 solo sets at Electric Forest in 2017, joining Autograf as their replacement drummer for 3 months on the Caution Live Tour and my Sandman performance getting over 6 million views on Facebook. It was an honor to perform at such an incredible festival, with a group I had looked up to for a long time and have a video finally go viral.

What DAW do you use? 


What are some of your favorite plug-ins? 

Serum, Synplant, Ozone 8, Fab FilterL2 and newly acquired Substance by Output.

What is something you cannot leave home without (besides keys, phone, wallet)?

A comb 

Long days and nights in entertainment can take quite a toll on your body.  How do you stay healthy?

Not eating fast food all the time, drinking lots of water and getting rest and naps when you can. I don’t drink much so that helps too. Weed is also essential for long drives and to keep things chill and vibey when needed.

If you had to do something else (outside of music), what would it be?

I’d be working for a tech company, health & wellbeing or in the skate industry.

What was your favorite show that you’ve played?

Both recent shows at Cervantes in Denver were magical. People get so into the vibe there and it really gets me in a positive zone while playing. It’s a perfect balance of really enjoying performing and the crowd equally enjoying watching and dancing.  Also, a recent show in Terra Haute Indiana was epic. Similar situation but more of a club vibe. 

What’s your current favorite show (tv/Netflix/etc…) worth binging? 

I really liked Narcos and Black Mirror. I don’t watch much TV and if I get a chance I’d rather play virtual reality. “Solus Project” and “Megaton Rainfall” are truly mind blowing games/experiences.

What is something that makes you stand out as an artist?

I have a unique live setup that combines acoustic & digital percussion, MPC performance and DJ Software [Ableton]. It’s like going to see a DJ set but you get extra entertainment with the live drums and other on the spot elements. 

What is a quote or phrase that you try to live by? Why?

“Don’t work hard, work smart”  It’s easy to work hard on something but it’s a whole diff game when your working “smart”. Whether that’s workflow, organization, time management, setting goals and meeting deadlines, etc.. it’s all about working in the most wise and efficient way possible to make things happen.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Much luv for featuring me and be sure to check out my new CODA EP on Spotify and other digital outlets. Also check out the music video I just dropped for my song “Jello” . Made it with filmer/director Elvin Yolchiev and it’s quite entertaining. Hope you enjoy the vibes.

COFRESI just released a new EP ‘CODA’;

CODA is collection of 5 songs showcasing my eclectic taste and current capabilities as both producer and musical artist. With a blend of melodic, percussive and beat driven tunes with ambient subtleties and various vocal elements, this EP offers a variety of soundscapes and vibes for current and future listeners.

Check out ‘CODA’ and make sure to stay up to date on all of COFRESI’s new endeavors


instagram @cofresh

spotify @ COFRESI


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